Copy and Paste

Even when they are sure it is not necessary, I recommend to our clients that we check the  scriptures in their manuscripts – to be sure it is quoted accurately, with all the punctuation and capitalization in tact, and that the references are correct. Even with the most precise writers, we almost always find errors. And none of us want that.

The best way to avoid errors in the text is to copy and paste from an online Bible service. I use Bible Gateway. They have just about any translation you could want. And if you like to use a variety of translations, you can select all the versions you want to consider, type in the reference, and view them all at once.

How to avoid mistakes in the reference? Check, check, and check again.

Bible Gateway also has a keyword search, a topical search, and a large variety of other resources. One of the resources I find helpful is their copyright information. Click on “Available Versions” in their left-column menu to read about them and get copyright information.

Do you have another Bible site you use? Send me an email! I’d love to hear about it.

Your comments please!

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