Publish Your Ebook – FREE!

Post Your Book Online – FREE! 

Sarah Bolme, author of Your Guide to Marketing Books in the Christian Marketplace also writes a most helpful blog. A recent post lists many ways to publish your book online FREE! You can share your entire book or offer a teaser to encourage a sale. Read her post here!

You can receive Sarah’s posts by email. Just sign up on her blog homepage.

I would also highly recommend her book. You can order the updated and expanded second edition through my Amazon affiliate bookstore for writers.

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Are you following Monday Motivation and From the Heart of Dixie yet? If not, you are missing a blessing. Stephanie and Dixie offer prompts, writers’ tips, encouragement, and inspiration.

 Visit From the Heart of Dixie – you can read the archive of posts and start following the blog by clicking on the “Follow” information in the right column. Dixie is an award-winning children’s author who also writes and edits for adults. She really does share her heart in the blog and will bless you.

And then take time to visit Steph’s Monday MotivationYou’ll want to follow her blog as well. Steph offers wonderful prompts and will give you some chuckles along the way. You may also want follow  my Find Christian Links blog.

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