Calling All Bloggers!

Have you heard about BookCrash?

If you like to blog . . . and you like to read books . . . BookCrash is for you!

Visit the BookCrash website and sign up to be a blogger for their book review program. They showcase a variety of books from small and emerging Christian publishers. Once you have been accepted to their program, order one of the books. The publisher will send it to you at no charge. You may choose to receive it as an ebook or a hard copy.

Read the book and write a review. Post the review on your blog and on at least one website that sells book (e.g. Amazon). Email BookCrash with the links to your posts. And then . . . order another free book and go through the process again. And again.

I haven’t tried this, but it sounds like a win-win-win plan. So many good things can come from it . . .

  • Gives you fresh material for your blog
  • Provides you with free books to read
  • BookCrash will link to your blog (the publisher might too). This should increase your search engine ratings and stimulate traffic to your blog.
  • And all this at no cost to you!

Try it . . . and let me know what happens.

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