Look What I Stumbled Upon!

Today I stumbled upon a new online adventure – StumbleUpon.com. I learned about it from the Web Evangelism Bulletin. First, it’s a fun way to find websites focused on your particular interests. Try doing a search for “creative writing” and then start stumbling! You’ll be surprised what all you will find.

Second, if you have an author’s site (or any website) or a blog, you can add your page. Simply sign up for StumbleUpon (it’s all free). Then go to your profile page and click on “Add a New Page” (bottom of left column). I just added several of my sites and blogs. Will be fun to see what happens. Here’s some of what the Web Evangelism Bulletin had to say about StumbleUpon: “I’ve used Stumbleupon (the online page sharing system) only slightly over the years, and have been seriously missing out as a result. It can drive many visitors to your website. Now admittedly, they are getting a somewhat random ‘lucky dip’ choice within a category they are looking at, unlike a targeted Google search. Nevertheless, I was surprised. I added a few blog posts to Stumbleupon, and within minutes had hits coming in. After 36 hours, there were about 100.”

Let me know how your stumbling goes!

Your comments please!

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