Sip and Read

Sip and Read

Marketing can be one of the greatest challenges for writers. If you write Christian fiction, you are facing an especially big marketing challenge. I just received a blog post from Sarah Bolme about Sips – a relatively new way to promote fiction stories, so I decided to check it out.

Sips is for “sharing stories on the go.” Participating coffee venues offer Sips Cards to their customers. A Sips Card is a business card linked to media. “Each card contains a QR code (like a bar code), loaded with a short story from an independent writer meant to last as long as their drink.”  The code can be scanned by Smartphones and iPods and iPads with cameras.

If your story is accepted by Sips, customers will not only read your story while they enjoy their coffee – they will also have access to your name, the story’s title, and your website address. What a great way to market your writing . . . and even more important, to share messages of God’s truth.

Visit Sips to learn how you can submit a story.

This and That

Sarah Bolme (I mentioned her blog above) wrote The Christian Writer’s Market Guide. This book is a must for any writer wanting to publish. I use it constantly as I write and edit. From the Amazon listing:  ”In addition to providing a wealth of ideas and tips for publishing in the Christian industry, The 2012 Christian Writer’s Market Guide also includes up-to-date information on more than 400 book publishers, more than 600 periodicals, and hundreds of agents, contests, conferences, editorial services, niche markets, self-publishing services, and more. This is the ultimate reference tool for Christian writers.”

Looking for other books? Browse my Amazon affiliate bookstore. I’ve put together a vast collection of books for writers in the Christian Editing Services Bookstore. Please let me know  if there are any books you’d like me to add to the store.

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