Webinars for Authors

You may be familiar with the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild. I would encourage you to visit their site. You’ll find an excellent source for training and encouragement.

One training and encouragement tool they use is webinars. You can attend these live sessions via the Internet . . . or purchase the videos from their growing webinar library. A glance at the titles reveals that there is something for everyone. Here are just a few of the topics:

  • Write the Query Letter That Will Sell
  • Writing from Painful Experiences
  • Write How-To Articles That Sell
  • Evoking Emotion in Your Reader
  • How to Present Christian Themes to a Mainstream Audience
  • Make Money Writing for Specialty Markets
  • Making Your Non-Fiction Sing
  • Using Social Media to Build Your Online Platform

Please let us know if you’ve ever participated in one of these webinars. Give us your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Webinars for Authors

  1. I have cassettes from some of the Writers Conferences I attended and go through them every once in a while. Every time I do, it’s like creating my own conference. I’ll have to look into getting some of those webinar videos–they sound intriguing! Thanks for the info!


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