Blog Awards

We’ve been honored with the “Inspiring Blog Award” and the “One Lovely Blog Award” by author Virginia Lori Jennings.

We are to list seven facts about ourselves, so here they are:

1. Christian Editing Services is made up of a team of dedicated freelance writers, editors, proofreaders, and a talented graphic designer.

2. Though most of us have never met in person, the Internet has proven to be an effective tool in building relationships as well as the business.

3. Our clients live all around the world.

4. We have the privilege of helping them make their books and other writing the best they can be.

5. We maintain ongoing contact with our clients, so we can be sure we are always on the same page. (Forgive the writing pun.)

6. Client satisfaction is high on our list of priorities.

7. We appreciate Virginia Lori Jennings for giving us these awards.

We would like to pass them along to the following fifteen recipients:


A Round of Words in 80 Days

Monday Motivation


Freedom Life Love

The MOM Initiative


Dream Believe Fly

From the Heart of Dixie

Heart Felt Devotionals

Heart Change

Return Home and Tell

Ruth Waring

Under the Cover of Prayer

Eclectic Posts

Blogging through the Fire

Steph Nickel’s Eclectic Interests


Wacky World of Words and Whimsical Art

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