I recently received this message on LinkedIn. Check it out! Here’s a chance to get in on the beginning.

Join the BETA program for FREE – visit and fill out the form.

We have 30,000 members in our Book Writer Group on LinkedIn. With feedback from all of you and more than 3,500 comments every month we’ve been working on an Author Software Platform.

This software platform is ONE year in the making with programming and adjustments. It will provide writers a way to become better writers, network with colleagues, and find their audience. Readers will be able to find you, read your work, and become fans; giving you feedback and starting conversations around your work.

All of this is FREE for you and all authors. This includes your BLOG, WEBSITE, BOOK PAGE, MEDIA PAGE, writing webinars, marketing webinars, and we’ll do all the marketing of the site to bring traffic to your work.

Once you join me and the team will send you emails for the status, next steps and what is happening with the platform. We’ll choose 100 new writers at a time for the first weeks and help them one-on-one develop their Author Marketing Platform for free to make sure they are up and running. Make sure you are one of the first ones to join.

Join the BETA program for FREE – visit and fill out the form.

Jorge S. Olson
Group Administrator

October Webinars from the Christian Writers Guild

October 9, 8-9 pm Eastern: “How to Get Ideas and Inspiration” by Deborah Raney

October 25, 8-9 pm Eastern:  “Ten Ways to Increase Your Platform Using Facebook” by Suzanne Eller

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