New! Grant Writing Services

I am excited to announce Christian Editing Services now offers grant writing and foundation research services. A long-time friend of mine, Kevin McNelly, has come on board to lead the way in these new services. Our desire is to work with churches and Christian non-profits to help them find the funds they need to move forward doing what God has called them to do. Our services include grant writing, foundation searches, and grant editing.

Kevin McNelly, Grant Writer and Researcher
Kevin comes to the CES team with a rich history of working in Corporate America and with Christian non-profits. He has been the Executive Director of three non-profit ministries and has served as a trustee on numerous non-profit boards impacting ministry work in Thailand, China, Philippines, Bali, Chattanooga, and Indiana.  Each assignment built a depth of understanding for agency development and the expectations and steps that lead to the ‘Big Ask.’  Read more.

 I don’t think I’ve ever know anyone with a greater desire to share Jesus with others.Through the years, I have always found Kevin to be a man of high integrity. And he is a man who gets the job done!

Kevin says this . . .

I wish I could just concentrate on the mission of our ministry and not have to write another grant proposal. 

Do you ever feel that way?

We want to take this burden off your shoulders. You tell us what you want to accomplish and we will go to work finding the right funding sources. Let’s see what we can accomplish together so you can get back to the business of reaching people.

Learn more at

If you have an interest in these services, please get in touch! And tell your friends and associates who may be interested.

Questions? Please email us.

Your comments please!

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