New! Christian Book Marketing Services

Through my years of working with authors, I’ve learned that most want help marketing their books. Whether you self-publish or use a traditional publishing house, the bulk of the marketing is up to you. And with our cyber world, the how-to’s of marketing constantly change. 
I’ve wanted to be able to offer help with the marketing, but until now have never found just the right person–someone with both marketing skills and a heart for helping Christian authors make a difference. No matter how well-written or meaningful your book is, it must reach the hands of readers to be effective.
Lois Lofton

Lois Lofton

I’m happy to announce that the “right person” I’ve been waiting for has arrived. Lois Lofton has joined our team as a marketing coach. Lois has a degree in marketing and a rich background in both ministry and business. She has developed an exciting marketing package that includes six hours of coaching to help you get on your way! Or if you would rather spend more time writing and less on Internet marketing . . . she can do the hands-on work for you.

If you are just getting ready to start a book . . . it’s time to plan your marketing. If you’ve published your book already but want to sell more . . . it’s time to plan your marketing. Visit our site to read more about these new services. And sign up for a FREE 20-minute consultation! During the free consultation, Lois will help you . . .

  • Determine what your general goals are
  • Define your niche in the Christian market
  • Describe your target audience
  • Decide general strategies for connecting with your target audience.
I hope you will get in touch with Lois soon. It will be time well spent.

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