New! Bundle and Save

Bundle and Save

We recently began offering a bundle discount. If you contract for three services, you receive a 3% discount on everything. Four services, a 4% discount. Five or more services, a 5% discount.

Some of our services . . .

Editing: Various levels available.

E-book: If you would like to sell your book online as an ebook, we can help you with that. First we would format it and then submit it to online vendors like Amazon and Smashwords (your choice).

Format for print:  You can read more about this service at

Book cover design: Depends on the package you choose. (See .) Prices start at $250. (Less if it is for an ebook instead of print)

Marketing: We now offer coaching to help you market your book! I’m very excited about this service because it’s help most authors need. You can read about it at The basic coaching package of six hours is $250.

INTERESTED? Visit our website or email me at

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