Marketing Your Book

Most writers love to write. But then comes the time to sell. And most writers do not like to market. Or don’t have time. Or don’t know where to start.

Let us help you!

Lois Lofton

Lois Lofton
CES Marketing Specialist

Lois Lofton, CES Marketing Coach, received her BA in Marketing from West Chester University in 1987. She soon left the business world to give her time and talents as an AGWM career missionary to the Czech Republic. It was there she learned to value flexibility, communication, relationship-building, and adaptability – all necessary elements for thriving in today’s business environment. Her love for God and His people is her motivation to serve others in their God-given calling. Lois wants to help you get your book out there where God can use it to make a difference in the lives of people. From a marketing standpoint, she sees her efforts best described as “matching clients with their audience.”

Lois can coach you in your online marketing. Or she can develop and maintain it. And she gets results! Here’s what one client said:

Lois has been superb in literally taking us from square one on Facebook to a vibrant, meaningful outreach. She takes short verses and encouragements and like arrows shoots them to the target every time.

Doug Coen ~

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Something New!

Exciting news! We are now offering book trailers. Read the details here. And here is a sample trailer created by Lois!

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