Time to Market

PictureAre you writing a book?  Time to think about marketing!

Many writers are so absorbed in writing their book that they don’t think ahead to what will happen when it’s written and in print and/or online as an ebook. But it’s never too early to plan for marketing. Who am I writing to? What will make them want to read my book? How can I let them know about my book? These are questions you need to answer. No matter how important the message in your book . . . or how well you have presented it . . . it will only help people if they read it.

Need help in the area of marketing? Whether you are thinking about writing a book, have written it, or have piles of the printed books in your garage . . . our marketing specialist, Lois Lofton, can help you get it in the hands of readers.

We have a basic coaching package to help you learn how to do the marketing. Or we can do part of it for you. We can build an author website for you, set you up on Facebook, and even design a trailer to advertise your book. Read more details about all this on our website.

Here are comments from two of our marketing clients:

Lois has been superb in literally taking us from square one on Facebook to a vibrant, meaningful outreach. She takes short verses and encouragements and like arrows shoots them to the target every time.

Just wanted you to know what an EXCEPTIONAL job Lois has done. She is truly working as though she is working for The Lord! Thanks for this great service!
Rhonda Landry
Author, Abyss to Abundance

Want to know more? Please email me for more information: karen@ChristianEditingServices.com or click here to complete our contact form.


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