“Hidden Heroes”

Dixie Phillips

Sharon Phillips

Sharon Phillips

CES team members Dixie Phillips and Sharon Phillips have just learned that the song they co-wrote, “Hidden Heroes,” has been nominated by the leaders of Absolutely Gospel as one of the Top Ten Songs of the Year! Congratulations, Dixie and Sharon!

Dixie and Sharon’s desire is that all the hidden heroes who diligently work behind the scenes to help others will be blessed and encouraged by the song. Dixie commented, “We do pray that our song raises awareness to the forgotten ones . . . the “hidden heroes” of our society.

“Hidden Heroes” was recorded by the Talleys. You may listen to it here.

Absolutely Gospel has opened the voting to fans of gospel music to decide which of the top ten songs will be the winner. If you are as blessed by the song as I have been, please go here to vote for “Hidden Heroes.”

Dixie has served on the CES team since its beginnings as editor and writer. She is an award-winning children’s author. Sharon more recently joined Dixie on the team and they are offering song writing and editing services to our clients. Read more.

6 thoughts on ““Hidden Heroes”

  1. Is there anywhere to purchase the piano arrangement of Hidden Heroes? I want to sing this song of Faith for church.


  2. Oh. My. What an incredible song! Shared this song — and voting info — on a few FB pages, including some for special needs kids.


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