Off to Camp

NostalgiaI’m going to camp in April . . . Camp NaNoWriMo that is.

While NaNoWriMo participants are expected to write 50,000+ words during the month of November, campers get to set their own word count goal. This year my aim is to write 15,000 words in April. Despite my crazy busy schedule, I believe this is a doable goal.

It will help greatly that my writers’ group, Women Writing for Christ, is heading to a cottage for three days at the end of April. Although we’ve been meeting regularly for over a decade, this will be our first writers’ retreat . . . and it’s going to be!

There are many advantages of signing up for Camp NaNo. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Regular encouragement from those who run the challenge
  2. The energy that comes from participating in a writing community
  3. Decreased inclination to put off writing (After all, you have a word count goal to hit.)
  4. Progress made visible (Camp NaNo uses a picture of an archery target. The arrow moves closer to the middle every time you enter your word count. Plus, they use graphs as well.)
  5. The option of joining a virtual cabin (Share encouragement and virtual s’mores with cabin mates of your choosing or the camp directors’.)
  6. Make new friends—and perhaps connect with new readers for your work
  7. Discover new favorite writers
  8. Hang out with fellow campers on social media sites
  9. Participate in live “write-ins” for an even more tangible sense of community
  10. A “button” to display on your blog
  11. Camp NaNoWriMo merchandise (Though purchasing merchandise isn’t mandatory, it helps keep the challenge going year after year.)
  12. Challenge yourself and encourage your fellow writers to do the same

So . . . will I be seeing you at camp in April? Why not sign up today?

Contributed by Stephanie Nickel, CES writer and editor

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