Learn More, Write More

by Stephanie Nickel (previously posted on Monday Motivation on 9/8/14)

Our church leadership recently approved a subscription to RightNow Media. Each congregant with access to the Internet has been invited to create an account and dive into the wealth of teaching that is available. I have attended our church for over 30 years, yet this might be the greatest gift they’ve ever given me.

Young hipster guy with beard and earphones watching videos on a digital e-reader tabletWhile there are additional resources available—some free, some for a nominal charge—listening to the videos provides a wealth of knowledge in and of itself.

I have learned from well-known authors and speakers—and those I hadn’t encountered before. Each evening, my husband and I have begun listening to videos of particular interest to him. (He is more a historical documentary buff than I am.)

But what does this have to do with my writing?

Well, I am working (or should be) on a devotional book based on the gospel of John. I’ve given it the working title “If You Love Me.” In it, I am examining the commands of Jesus and what they mean to us today.

As I explore RightNow Media, I am finding several teachings based on the book of John that are enriching my perspective—and will, I trust, enrich the writing itself.

While I would never label myself a researcher, I love this opportunity to discover riches so readily available. Yesterday, I got the mental picture of standing in the proverbial treasure chamber we so often see in action adventure movies. All around me are radiant gems and sparkling gold. And guess what—the walls aren’t even closing in on me. I don’t have to make a run for it. I can marvel in the riches. I have access to treasure that will change my life—and my writing—forever.

How about you? Where do you find that wealth that inspires and enriches your writing?

Keep an eye out because it might appear when you least expect it, when you’re not even looking for it.

Stephanie Nickel, CES Editor, Writer, Coach

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