8 Sources of Inspiration

Birth of IDEA. Concept background.Because of my eclectic interests, I rarely encounter writer’s block, but I do love the fact that inspiration for our writing is all around us.

Here are eight sources you may or may not have considered:


Whether you are involved in a conversation or simply happen to overhear it, a word or a phrase may stick with you. Jot it down in that ever-present notebook . . . you know, the one you carry at all times.


You know that long-lasting joy or heaviness that can hang over you when you wake up from a dream—even if you don’t remember the details? Try to evoke strong emotion in your readers that will stick with them long after they forget your words.

And, of course, a scene or spoken phrase from a dream may also act as inspiration for your writing.

Thoughts while Drifting Off

You know those moments when your thoughts take flight? Those thoughts are not quite linear and may head off on bizarre tangents. Why not let yourself drift for a while and then record some of your thoughts in the notebook you keep by your bed.

Old Photos

I love old photos, even if I have no personal connection with the subjects. Thumb through some old black and white pics and see what stories begin to stir in you.

New Photos

Even if you don’t consider yourself a photographer, grab your camera (or your smartphone) and head out for a photo walk. Just snap away . . . anything that captures your attention. When you get home, go through the pictures and see what ideas come to mind. Life is different when seen through the lens.

Online Memes

You may love them or find them exceedingly annoying, but take a look at the pictures people post online that include an inspirational, funny, or sarcastic saying. One or more of them may jump off the page at you and stir your creativity.

Days Gone By

Ever been standing in a store and heard a song that took you back to your youth? Ever seen children at the park and thought, “Hey, I used to play that when I was growing up”? Take a walk down memory lane and see what inspiration presents itself.

Favorite Movie or Book Characters

It is commonly referred to as fan fiction—and you have to be especially careful about copyright restrictions if you plan to publish it—but it can be a lot of fun basing a story on one of your favorite characters. If nothing else, it will give you practice writing fiction and that’s a very good thing.

Where do you get inspiration when the well seems dry? We’d love to hear from you.



by Stephanie Nickel , CES Editor, Writer, Coach, and Critique Specialist 



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