I-N-S-P-I-R-E: Seven Secrets for Success in Selling Devotionals

inspireMost writers have discovered there isn’t a lack of talent in our field today, but sometimes there seems to be a lack of inspiration. Throughout the stresses of life, who among us can’t use more nourishing soul food? This is a great day to be a writer and good news for those of us who love to write inspirational pieces. According to my research, there are hundreds of opportunities for devotional writers. A single piece doesn’t pay much, but the savvy writer realizes the financial potential of inspirational writing tucked in with regular writing assignments.

Here is a simple acrostic to help you increase your sales as a devotional writer.


 I—Investigate writers guidelines before submitting to these markets. You will have a better chance to sell your pieces if you follow their instructions.

N—Never give up. Keep writing from the Father’s heart. When you do, people will stop and take notice. Of course, you must sit often on the Father’s lap to write from His heart. Don’t neglect time with Him.

S—Submit often. You can’t be published if you aren’t submitting material on a regular basis. Set realistic goals and submit something every month.

P—Pray about your writing and proofread your material carefully. Send your best material. Remember you are representing the King. Ask Him to help you write in a way that leaves eternal footprints in the souls of your readers.

I—Identify your audience. If you are writing a devotional about raising children as a single mom, don’t submit it to a senior citizens magazine. Know who you are writing for.

R—Rally the troops. Attend writing workshops. Take creative writing classes. Hone your skills and get to know other writers. Keep those creative juices flowing. Many times God places writers together to write for Him. Don’t be too proud to let other writers speak into your life. Leave your ego at the door. The best stories aren’t written. They are rewritten.

E—Expect your devotionals to find a home. Don’t be discouraged by rejection slips. If your material is well written and you’ve done your homework, publishers will take notice. Be patient. It may take time, but eventually all your pieces will find a home if you are diligent and follow these helpful hints.

Above all, stay inspired. To be an inspirational writer, you must be oozing with creativity. The best devotional authors discover God in everyday life.




by Dixie Phillips, CES Editor, Writing Coach, Award-Winning Children’s Author and Songwriter 


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