A Step in the Write Direction

So you feel God is calling you to write for little ones, but you aren’t exactly sure where you should begin. Nothing is more rewarding than “sowing seeds” of God’s love in the hearts of children.

If you enjoy writing short character-building stories for children, the Christian magazine and e-zine market is a wonderful place for new writers to get their break. The possibilities are there, but you can’t get published if you don’t submit. Polish up your best stories and submit them for a children’s devotional magazine or a Sunday school take-home paper. While you are waiting to hear back from the editor, keep writing. Remember the best way to improve your writing is to write.

Sometimes writing an entire story can be overwhelming for the new writer. Don’t despair. Fillers, short pieces that fill in the gaps, are a good way to hone your writing craft. Some Christian magazines are looking for fillers that offer interesting tidbits of information that relate to the theme of the article.

Don’t be fooled by the small size of fillers. It takes more skill to write less in a concise manner. Many Christian magazines for children are looking for the following types of fillers:

  • jokes
  • poems
  • prayers
  • recipes
  • craft ideas
  • games or quizzes
  • seasonal recitations, especially for Christmas and Easter

One year I concentrated on writing fillers for a publisher that sent them out with church bulletins. The churches who purchased their bulletins also received several sheets of fillers they could choose to print in their bulletins. I was paid a minimum of $30 per filler and most of the time more if it was a longer poem.

Be sure to follow the writer’s guidelines. That is always a step in the “write” direction.



by Dixie Phillips, CES Editor, Writing Coach, Award-Winning Children’s Author and Songwriter 


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