Then Pharaoh gave this order to all his people: “Every Hebrew boy that is born you must throw into the Nile.”
Exodus 1:22 NIV

I love the biblical account of Moses when he was an infant. Satan conjured up a plan to kill him, but God was watching over him. Jehovah gave Moses’ mother a creative plan to save her baby’s life. She wove a basket out of bulrushes, tucked her baby boy inside, placed him in the Nile River, and assigned his big sister to keep an eye on him.

When she saw that he was a fine child, she hid him for three months. But when she could hide him no longer, she got a papyrus basket for him and coated it with tar and pitch. Then she placed the child in it and put it among the reeds along the bank of the Nile. His sister stood at a distance to see what would happen to him.
Exodus 2:2-4 NIV

Even though Moses was a “basket case,” he grew into a mighty man of God and was handpicked by Jehovah to deliver the Israelites from the land of bondage.

My husband and I have been in full-time ministry for more than thirty years. We have seen firsthand the enemy sabotage ministries in their infancy. We’ve stood in the gap with those God has called and rejoiced with them as they fulfill their divine destiny, but our hearts have been broken when others have allowed the enemy to snuff out a new ministry God has called them to birth for the Kingdom.

See the source imageI would like to speak directly to those of you who sense the Lord is calling you to “birth” a writing ministry.  Here is an acrostic with some helpful hints to help your new ministry S.O.A.R.

S-Seek God for wisdom as you birth this new ministry.

O-Offer your gifts and talents to the Lord with a humble heart.

A-Admit when you need help and don’t be afraid to seek counsel from godly mentors.

R-Refuse to allow the enemy to destroy what God is birthing in your life and ministry at this time.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”
John 10:10 NIV

Never be shocked by the devil’s tactics.  His goal is to destroy your ministry in its infancy. Remember the story of Moses. May God  use your pen to lead souls out of bondage. Soar for Jesus today!



by Dixie Phillips, CES Editor, Writing Coach, Award-Winning Children’s Author and Songwriter 


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