Karen Burkett

My name is Karen Burkett. I am the author of this blog and the owner of Christian Editing Services.

Developing, creating, organizing . . . that’s me. I am an idea person who loves going into a situation and making it better. Or starting from scratch to develop something new. I thrive on new challenges and hard work.

I am a published writer with more than fifteen years’ experience including trade magazine articles and various Christian writing and editing projects—books, articles, syllabi, study guides, website features, daily devotionals, brochures, radio messages, video scripts, television spots, grants and more. I now lead a group of Christian professionals (Christian Editing Services).

Wife, mother, grandmother, writer, editor, Bible teacher, ministry director, retailer, pastoral assistant, motel operator, campaign worker, library assistant . . . these and many more words have described me at times throughout my life. The description serving as an umbrella over all that, however, is “follower of Jesus Christ.”

Through the years and many learning experiences—both failures and victories—I have come to realize the one real focus of my life must be to accomplish the purpose of the journey God has for me. Only God knows that complete purpose—my job is to trust him day by day to help me stay on his path.

3 thoughts on “Karen Burkett

  1. Hello Karen,
    I just requested information from your Christian Editing Services!
    I was doing further google search and came across your blog.
    So much of what you said in your blog resonated as true in my life as well. I too have served in various capacities over the years(my current profession is as a Registered Nurse).
    I believe the Lord has gifted me to write and have a manuscript ( rough) which I have sent a request to your service to assist me in editing an publishing.
    I believe nothing in this life is by chance and that our Lord causes ALL things to work together for the good of them who love Him.
    It is my desire to help others get from where they are to where the Lord intended them to be and I am seeking the right path to follow in order to see this vision come to fruition.

    In His Grace,
    Sandra Kim Bolden


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